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Audiences and clients use many words to describe Lillian Bjorseth: Articulate. Awesome. Charismatic. Entertaining. Enthusiastic. Persuasive. Practical. Powerful. Through her products, you, too, can spend time with this dynamic woman and share the excitement. "Meet" her now!

Breakthrough Networking:
Building Relationships That Last

Breakthrough Networking - 3rd Edition For more information and to buy the product, click here.

Building social capital – your network of knob turners – is your key to increasing sales and career success. Lillian logically and easily guides you through what to do before an event, how to work it and how to follow up. Plus she shares her vast, valuable knowledge of the DISC behavioral assessment tool and impression management to give the added touches that make her work unique in the industry.

Overcoming Mediocrity

6 online courses For more information and to buy the product, click here.

This unique collection of stories from 22 women, including Lillian Bjorseth, who have created their own lives of personal and professional significance will educate, empower and inspire you to set and reach even greater goals. The women share how they overcame fear, procrastination, humble backgrounds and self-sabotaging beliefs to become outstanding leaders, mentors, business owners and mothers, sisters and grandmothers.

Lillian shares advice for women (younger and older) she garnered on her journey from the outskirts of a town of 83 people in Missouri to become one of the nation’s foremost experts on face-to-face networking.

Marketing Boot Camp

Marketing Boot Camp For more information and to buy the product, click here.

Escalate your visibility with this jam-packed, powerful and practical three-hour DVD/workbook set presented by two marketing and promotion experts!  Their lively delivery and wit make it an enjoyable learning experience for you and your employees.  Broken into tracks to fit your busy schedule and to serve as a foundation for internal programs and meetings.

52 Ways to Break the Ice & Target Your Market

52 Ways to Break the Ice & Target Your Market For more information and to buy the product, click here.

Start conversations with ease to become more memorable and hone your marketing and business strategies with this interactive learning system.  Two decks of cards that can make the difference in your success.  Nothing else like it on the market!

Nothing Happens Until We Communicate

Nothing Happens Until We Communicate For more information and to buy the product, click here.

Make a first and lasting positive impression with this comprehensive workbook and CD series. It shows/tells you how you communicate through appearance, body language, gender, listening, presentation, self-esteem and writing skills.

Six online courses

6 online courses For more information and to register, click here.

Building Relationships for Business and Career Success - a five-part series on building a new kind of wealth - social capital - that can be purchased as a unit or individually. The series covers what to before an event, at the event and after the event to confidently hone your networking skills to develop more qualified prospects and, ultimately, more business and career success.

What You Say Before You Speak - The success of any personal encounter in the business world begins the second someone lays eyes on you, often long before either of you says a word. A professional image - appearance and behavior - helps start the experience in the right vein since people decide 10 things about you within 10 seconds of seeing you. Learn the art of impression management, equally applicable to men and women, so you know how to determine what impression you want to make and then how to look and act to get that reaction.



"Breakthrough Networking is like a mother. We all need her to make sure we do the right thing. It's the handbook for every businessperson's desk."

Ken Dziedzic
Director of Fulfillment
Single Source, Inc.

"Your Marketing Boot Camp packed the most useful information into a few hours than any workshop I have attended. A half day with two remarkable professionals and not a dull moment!"

Mary Lynn Van Dyken
O'Connor Designs Words

“Lillian Bjorseth has a strong understanding of the intricacies and dynamics of marketing. 52 Ways to Break the Ice & Target Your Market will create astounding results for individuals and organizations that are serious about getting the job done with excellence.”

Don Morgan, M.A., President
BNI Canada & BNI Illinois
Co-author, Masters of Networking

"Lillian has an incredible talent through her
written materials and presentations to help people improve their personal and professional lives.”

Grace Morris, M.A.


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